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Our Future, Together

Our Future, Together

Our Future, Together & Let’s talk sustainability

Let's talk about our purposely and intentionally-designed, sustainability actions.

We constantly strive to lessen the impact of our footprints on the environment. Each Taku & Grace wallet and bag comes with a unique dust bag and our twice wrapped origami boxes. Our packing team will send off your item wrapped in paper and/or eco-wrap and a compostable and/or paper mailer. 

We've spent countless hours perfecting our packaging to make it as eco-friendly as possible while keeping our wallet or bag safe during its journey to you. Here is what you will find when your order arrives at our doorstep.

Compost Your Mailing Bag.

All our waterproof mailers are fully biodegradable and certified home compostable. After they have kept your order safe and dry on its journey to you, simply remove the seal and delivery label and pop it into your compost box at home. It will be gone in 3-6 months. Alternatively, you can send it to your nearest local composter. 

You can find your nearest composter with: 

  • ShareWaste -  They aim to link up those people without home compost with those who do. 
  • PlanetArk - An Australian site that will help you find your nearest composter. 

For paper mailers, please dispose of them in their respective recycling bins.

Goodbye Bubble Wrap.

Taku & Grace have replaced bubble wrap with either paper wrapping or our honeycomb wrap paper made from 100% recycled paper (depending on items being mailed). This recyclable and compostable wrapping paper will protect your items while protecting our planet. You can choose to recycle it by putting it in your recycling bin or compost it with your compost bin. Alternatively, you can reuse it during your next gift wrapping for added protection. 

Send Your Taku & Grace Boxes Back to Recycling. 


Our packaging is created from 100% recycled paper and non-toxic dyes. We've taken inspiration from Japanese origami to design a glue-free box and sleeve packaging that comes with every wallet and bag. The set is there to ensure your item retains its shape during its journey to you and offers a unique unboxing experience. After unboxing, please return it to your recycling bin so it can become another eco-friendly product! 

Reuse Your Taku & Grace Dust Bags.

It’s the small details that matter, and we cannot be more proud of our T&G dust bags. To help keep your wallet and bag dust and scratch-free during its off-duty time, each carry item comes in their very own dust bag. We've handpicked a unique blend of unbleached hemp and recycled cotton fibre clippings to create our dust bags and tied them up with an 100% organic cotton drawstring. With this decomposable fabric blend, we hope to minimalise the number of environmental footprints we leave. Alternative to just storing your Taku & Grace item, here are some ideas on how to reuse your dust bag 

  • Store your leather belts or other small carry item.
  • Store your cosmetics, jewellery and smaller items or even socks during travel.
  • Turn it into a perfume sachet by putting in a mix of you favourite dried herbs and flowers.

If your dust bag gets dirty, simply put it in the wash with your clothes in your next cold/warm water wash (30 - 40 degrees max) and dry it in the sun.

We strive to be sustainable in all things we do, so we’d love to hear from you what tips you have to lessen our environmental impact in your daily life?