About Us – Taku and Grace

About Us

Welcome to Taku & Grace. We are a leather carry goods and lifestyle company living by three simple rules:

Addition by subtraction. // An ethos for design where nothing can be added, and nothing can be taken away.

Quality by devotion. // We live and breathe quality leather, craftsmanship and design.

Authenticity by curation. // Focus on living life to the fullest with only the essentials.

We have partnered up with some of the best leather tannery and technicians to create only the best, affordable luxury leather accessories.

Each Taku & Grace piece is the results from countless hours of meticulous research, design and construction to bring about a final product which marries bespoke style with practical function features.



At Taku & Grace we are passionate about ethical business practices. We constantly strive to lessen the impact of our footprints on the environment by providing minimal eco-friendly products and packaging, which journeys with you for as long as possible.